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Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee is established under the provisions of S.O. No. 217 and consists of the Deputy Speaker as chairperson, a member of the Speaker’s Panel who is also the First Chairperson of Committees who shall be the Vice-chairperson and the chairpersons of all committees of the House.

The Liaison Committee shall-

  • guide and co-ordinate the operations, policies and mandates of all Committees;
  • deliberate on and apportion the annual operating budget among the Committees;
  • consider the programmes of all Committees, including their need to travel and sit away from the precincts of Parliament;
  • ensure that Committees submit reports as required by these Standing Orders;
  • determine, whenever necessary, the committee or committees to deliberate on any matter; and
  • give such advice relating to the work and mandate of select committees as it may consider necessary;

The Liaison Committee shall consider reports of Committee that have not been deliberated by the House and shall report to the House on the consideration of such reports.

Indivi_Committee Schedule
  1. Mr. Daniel Mutunga – Ag. Deputy Director, Departmental Committees
  2. Ms. Christine Ndiritu – Clerk Assistant II
  3. Mr. Bonnie Mathooko – Chief Research Officer
  4. Mr. Kefa Omoti – Principal Research Officer
  5. Mr. Enoch Manwa – Clerk Assistant III