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Quarterly Brief 24 April 2019

Anatomy of a Food Crisis, "Can Kenya rise above the perennial hunger?"

Drought and famine in Kenya is an increasingly common phenomenon. Unless leaders rise to the occasion, food shortage will continue to persist.

Quarterly Brief 24 April 2019


The Budget Options for 2019/20

The Budget Options for 2019/20 explores the dynamics of moving the economy from the 5-6% economic growth rate where the economy has stagnated over the past five years to a higher growth trajectory that will reduce poverty and enhance the living standards of Kenyans. The challenge lies in unlocking a higher productive capacity.



The Budget Options for 2019/20


Background Information

The PBO was established in the year 2007 as a unit under the Directorate of Information and Research services following a resolution of Parliament. The office further got a legal backing with the enactment of the Fiscal Management Act 2009 (FMA), which established the PBO as an office in the Parliamentary Service Commission. The office was subsequently elevated to a directorate in 2010.

This Analysis of the Finance Bill, 2018

The Finance Bill, 2018 contains various changes to the Income Tax Act, VAT Act, Excise Duty Act, Miscellaneous Fees and Levies Act, Tax Tribunal Act and Tax Procedures Act. Changes on tax rates or tax measures are estimated to yield at least Ksh. 30 billion. The Bill also introduces various........  read more, below attached pdf

2018/19 Budget Watch

The Budget Watch disseminates findings by the Parliamentary Budget Office on key issues regarding the budget estimates in a particular financial year. The findings of the 11th edition of the Budget Watch have been disseminated in the process of scrutiny of the budget for the financial year 2018/2019 by the Legislature.

The Half Year Economic & Fiscal Update, August 2018

This brief is a supplement to the monthly bulletin which details key economic and budget developments in a given month. The 2018 half year update gives a more detailed analysis of economic performance in the course of the financial year. It is intended to keep stakeholders especially the legislators updated on the latest trends in the economy.