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Anti-Doping (Amendment) Bill (National Assembly Bills No. 51 of 2020).
Geologists Bill, 2020
Political Parties Primaries Bill
Universities Amendment BILL, 2020
Health (Amendment) Bill, 2020
Constitution Of Kenya Amendment Bill, 2020
The Startup Bill, 2020
The Co-operative societies amendment, 2020
The Investment Promotion (Amendment) Bill, 2020
The Mung Beans Bill, 2020
The Kenya Citizen and Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2020
Persons with disabilities (A) Bill, 2020
County Vocation Education Bill, 2020
Copyright (A) Bill, 2020
Basic Education Bill, 2020
Parliamentary Powers and Privileges (Amendment) Bill, 2020.
The County Allocation of Revenue Bill, 2020
The Pandemic Response and Management Bill, 2020
The Community Health Services Bill, 2020
The County Resources Development Bill, 2020
The Prompt Payment Bill, 2020
The Law of Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2020.
The Wildlife Conservation and Management (Amendment) Bill, 2019.
The Reproductive Healthcare Bill, 2019.
The Lifestyle Audit ( No. 2) Bill, 2019