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Papers Laid

Report of Joint Sitting of the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning and the Senate Standing
Report of the Kenyan Delegation to the 144th Assembly and related Meetings of the IPU 20th -24th March 2022 Nusa Dua Indonesia
Legal Notice No. 4 of 2023 relating to the Income Tax (Financial Derivatives) Regulations, 2022 and the Explanatory Memorandum
Record of the Proceedings of the first Ordinary Session of the sixth parliament of the Pan-African parliament (PAP) Midland SA
15.02.23 - 2023 Budget Policy Statement
14.02.23 - Report on recruitment of male non-MP Parliamentary Service Commissioner
15.02.23 - 2023 Medium Term Debt Management Strategy
Memorandum on the Ratification for African Union Treaty for the establishment of the African Medicines Agency (AMA)
The Bamako Convention on the Ban on the Import into Africa and the Control of the Transboundary Movement and Management
The Kigali Amendments to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer
Report of the Joint Parliamentary Select Committee on the Election of Members to the East African Legislative Assembly
Guidelines on financial resources requirements for market intermediaries
Legal Notice no.125 the Capital Markets (licensing requirements)(General) regulations, 2002
Legal Notice no.126 the Capital Markets (take-overs and mergers) regulations, 2002
Legal Notice no.134 the Capital Markets (foreign investors) regulations, 2002
Legal Notice no.144 the Capital Markets Act cap. 485A
Legal Notice no.145 the Capital Markets Act cap. 485A
Legal Notice no.179 the Capital Markets Authority Act
The Central Depositories (Regulations of Central Depositories) Rules, 2004
Monetary Policy Statement June 2022 from the Central Bank of Kenya
Parliamentary Memorandum on the ratification of the Amended Nairobi convention and the protocol for the protection of the Marine
The Annual Performance report for the MSMEs credit guarantee scheme
Legal notice no203 and explanatory memorandum to the miscellaneous fees and levies act
Report on the apppointment of the clerk National Assembly