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Communication From Chair

17.10.2019 The Accountability of The Executive to Parliament and the Place of The Chief Administrative Secretaries in Responding
19.09.2019 - The consideration of certain Clauses of the Finance Bill, 2019
02.08.2019 Communication on Determination of the Constitutionality of the Division of Revenue Bill originated by the Senate
03.04.2019 - Implementing The Paperless Solution For The National Assembly
26.07.2018 - Investigatory Mandate of House Committees and the Conduct of Members in Committees
21.03.2019 - Mandate of Audit Committees vis-à-vis that of the Departmental Committees & Place of Progress Reports in Inquiry
14.03.2019 - Admissibility of the Recommendations of PAC Report on Examination of the AG Report on Financial Statements of IEBC
21.03.2019 - Recognition of a Visiting Delegation from the Congress of the United States of America
14.03.2019 - Recognition of a Visiting delegation from the Parliament of Malawi
13.03.2019 - Guidance on the Consideration of the Report on Alleged Irregular Specialist Recognition of Dr. Samira Soni by KMPDB
13.03.2019 - Appropriate Dress Code in the Chamber and in Committees
07. 03.2019 - Withdrawal of Amendments Relating to the Cooperative Societies Act, the SACCO Societies Act, and the Statistics Ac
28.02.2019 – Recognition of a Visiting Delegation from the German Orchestra
28.02.2019 - Recognition of a Visiting Delegation from the Parliament of Malawi
27.02.2019 - The Second Reading of the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 4 of 2018)
27.02.2019 - Guide on Consideration of Proposed Amendments to the Insurance (Amendment) Bill (National Assembly Bill 21, 2018)
20. 02. 2019 - Consideration of the Office of the County Printer Bill, 2018 & the Disaster Risk Management Bill, 2018
12. 02. 2019 - Business that Lapsed at the end of the Second Session & Briefing Sessions on the Paperless System for Parliament
06.12.2018 - Guide on Activities of Committees, 2018
06.12.2018 - Mandates of the Budget and Appropriations Committee and the Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning
06.12.2018 - Responsibility for Statement of Fact
06.12.2018 - Guidance on consideration of the following Senate Bills; Food Security Bill, 2018; the County Statistics Bill, 2018
22.11.2018 - Reprimand of the Member for Starehe, the Hon. Charles Njagua Kanyi
22.11.2018 - Reprimand of the Member for Embakasi East, the Hon. Babu Owino Paul Ongili
22.11.2018 - Reprimand of Members in Breach of Privilege