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The Finance Bill, 2018 Referred back to the National Assembly by H.E. the President

On August 30, 2018, the National Assembly passed the Finance Bill, 2018.  Thereafter, the Bill was presented for Assent to H.E. the President in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the National Assembly Standing Orders. However, H. E. the President, by way of a Memorandum, has since referred the Bill back to the National Assembly for reconsideration, pursuant to the provisions of Article 115(1)(b) of the Constitution.

H.E. the President has expressed reservations on—

Speaker Muturi Urges Media to Embrace Objective and Accurate Coverage of Parliament

The need to balance Public Interest, National interests and Editorial interests, dominated day 1 of the 3rd Annual National Assembly, Engagement forum with Senior Editors.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Justin Muturi, while making his opening remarks, led the clarion call on the media to uphold an objective and factual approach to Parliamentary coverage, in a way that promotes patriotism and nationhood.

The National Assembly Proceeds on a Long Recess

The National Assembly proceeded on a short recess at the rise of the House on Thursday, 30th August, 2018, pursuant to the provisions of Standing Order 28(3) relating to Calendar of the Assembly. Regular sittings will resume on Tuesday, 2nd October, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. The four (4) weeks recess marks the end of the Second Part of the Second Session of the Twelfth Parliament.

Speaker Muturi Elected to the Helm of CPA, Africa Region.


Speaker Muturi Elected to the Helm of CPA, Africa Region.

In a what was a great moment of Pride for Kenya, and in a session marked with ecstasy, the National Assembly Speaker, Hon. Justin Muturi, was this evening unanimously endorsed, following his election as the Chairperson, the Executive Committee of the foremost Continental Parliamentary forum, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Africa Region.