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Speaker Lusaka urges committee chairs to promote bipartisanship

Speaker Lusaka urges committee chairs to promote bipartisanship

The Speaker of the Senate, Rt Hon Sen Kenneth Lusaka has called on Senate Committee Chairpersons to carry out their leadership roles in a bipartisan manner.

Speaking earlier today when he made his keynote address at the Senate Liaison Committee Induction Workshop in Mombasa, Speaker Lusaka told the 12 Committee Chairpersons present that the success of their Committees – and by extension the Senate – would be determined by the great leadership they provide.

“It is imperative that, as Chairpersons of Committees, we strive to carry out our responsibilities in a bipartisan manner’ upholding fundamentals of ethical leadership and a sense of diligence,” the Speaker said.

“That is a surefire way of ensuring that our Committees generate quality legislative business and analyses for debate in the Plenary. It shall also allow us to maintain the high esteem that our Senate committees are regarded.”

The Speaker however noted that there has, in the past, been relatively low or limited technical interface between Committees and technical departments.

“I want to urge and encourage Chairpersons of Committees to ensure there is more collaboration especially when considering Division of Revenue and County Allocation of Revenue Bills, CPAIC Reports and matters of public financial management,” Speaker Lusaka said.

“These knowledge-based and apolitical professionals are trained to offer the best technical support in the discharge of your Senatorial agenda.”

The Liaison Committee is the apex body of Senate Committees, chaired by the Speaker of the Senate with membership being drawn from the leadership of (chairs) of the 16 Senate Committees.

When making his remarks, the Clerk of the Senate, Jeremiah Nyegenye said that the aim of the two-day induction workshop is “to build the capacity of Chairs of Committees in management of their committees and give insight into the legislative opportunities available to them.”

The Induction Workshop is the first induction for Senate Committees in a series of induction workshops in the on-going Senate’s capacity development program for its various Committees.