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Parliamentary Joint Services

Parliamentary Joint Services

The Joint Service is a centralized administrative body that provides shared services to both Houses of Parliament, supporting and assisting in their functioning. It is headed by the Director General, Mr. Clement M. Nyandiere, MBS.


1.   Efficient Service Delivery

The Joint Service aims to ensure the efficient and effective provision of various services required by the Parliament. This includes human resources, finance, procurement, research, library, information and communication technology (ICT), public communications, media services, printing, legal services, maintenance, security, catering, health club, and office services. By centralizing these services, the Joint Service streamlines operations promotes consistency and standardizes processes across both Houses of Parliament.

2.   Resource Optimization

 By pooling resources and expertise, the Joint Service optimizes the allocation and utilization of resources within the Parliamentary Service. This leads to cost savings, improved resource management, and enhanced coordination among different departments and directorates.

3.   Support to Members of Parliament

The Joint Service plays a crucial role in providing support to Members of Parliament (MPs) by offering various services. This includes research assistance, information provision, library resources, and administrative support. By providing these services, the Joint Service enables MPs to carry out their legislative, oversight, and representational functions more effectively.

4.   Operational Coordination

The Joint Service facilitates coordination and collaboration between the National Assembly and the Senate. By sharing services and resources, it ensures a unified approach to parliamentary operations and promotes harmonization between the two Houses.

5.   Enhancing Institutional Capacity

The Joint Service contributes to building the institutional capacity of the Parliamentary Service as a whole. Through its specialized directorates and departments, it promotes professionalism, expertise, and competence in the delivery of administrative and support functions. This helps strengthen the overall functioning of the Parliament.




Deputy Director General- Corporate Services

Deputy Director General -Technical Services

Directorate of Human Capital and Administrative Services

Directorate of Finance and Accounting Services

Directorate of Litigation and Compliance Services

Directorate of Security and Safety Services

Directorate of ICT and Library Services

Directorate of Maintenance and Engineering Services

Directorate of Research Services


Directorates under the Office of the Director General

1.    Directorate of Human Capital and Administration Services - Mr. Douglas A. Ng'ang'a

a)  Human Resource Management Department

b)  Human Resource Development

c)  Administrative Services Department

d)  Pensions Management Department

e)  Health Club Department

f)    Medical Department

2.    Directorate of Finance & Accounting Services - Mr. Joel Irungu Kigundu

a)  Finance Department

b)  Accounts Department

c)  Procurement Department

d)  Constituency and County Liaison Department

e)  Mortgage and Car loan scheme

3.    Directorate of Safety & Security Services - Maj. (Rtd) Kirungu Majiba

a)  Operations Department

b)  Tech Surveillance and Access Control Department

c)  Coordination, Liaison and Administration Department

4.    Directorate of Library & ICT Services - Mrs. Esther M. Kamau

a)  Library Department

b)  ICT Department

c)  Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit

d)  Printing Services Unit

5.    Directorate of Research Services - Mr. Bonnie Mathooko

a)  Agriculture, Science and Environment Department

b)  Finance, Economics and Trade Department

c)  Governance and Political Affairs Social Policy Department

6.    Directorate of Litigation & Compliance Services - Mrs. Susan Mukindia Walala

a)  Litigation, Debts Recovery and Alternative Disputes Resolution Department

b)  Contracts, Conveyance and Compliance Services Department

7.    Directorate of Engineering & Maintenance Services - Eng. John K. Nguru

a)  Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department

b)  Mechanical Engineering Department

c)  Building Services and Contract Administration Department

Responsibilities of the Director General

1.    Administrative Head of the Parliamentary Joint Services.

2.    Oversee the day-to-day management and operations of the Parliamentary Joint Services.

3.    Execute and implement decisions made by the Commission concerning the Parliamentary Joint Services.

4.    Provide effective management and supervision of all staff within the Parliamentary Joint Services.

5.    Serve as the authorized officer responsible for advising the Commission and executing Commission resolutions related to:

a)  Staff appointments, promotions, and disciplinary matters within the Parliamentary Joint Services.

b)  Assignment of duties, supervision, and training of staff within the Parliamentary Joint Services.

c)  Deployment of staff from the Parliamentary Joint Services to serve in other areas of the parliamentary service.

d)  Preparation and submission of necessary programs for achieving the mandates of the Parliamentary Joint Services, subject to Commission approval.

6.    Administer the schemes of service for staff deployed within the Parliamentary Joint Services.

7.    Ensure discipline and adherence to standards among the staff deployed under the Parliamentary Joint Services.

8.    Serve as the principal strategic adviser to the Commission, Chairperson, and Board of Senior Management on matters concerning Joint Services.

9.    Act as the primary liaison officer with other PSC Services, National Assembly, and Senate Services.

10.Chair the Joint Services Management Board.

11.Represent the Joint Services as a member of the Board of Senior Management.

12.Take responsibility for all policy and organizational matters pertaining to the Joint Services.

13.Ensure effective governance through streamlined coordination of personnel providing joint services, and facilitating support for the work of the members.

14.Lead the management team of the Joint Services to maintain performance standards in program and service provision.

15.Chair the Security Technical Committee responsible for all security matters of Parliament.

16.Supervise and coordinate all Joint Services Directorates:

1.    Human Capital and Administrative Services

2.    Finance and Accounting Services

3.    Parliamentary Research Services

4.    ICT and Library Services

5.    Litigation and Compliance Services

6.    Security and Safety Services

7.    Maintenance and Engineering services

8.    Risk Management

17.Oversee overall capacity-building programs for staff of the Joint Services and CPST.

18.Promote effective communication and implement Commission resolutions relating to the joint services.

19.Manage overall external relations, including international relations, inter-Government relations, and protocol, to establish and maintain networks and external linkages with strategic partners in all matters relating to Joint Services.

20.The primary coordinator of project teams and report directly to the Commission.

21.The Accounting Officer for vote 2043 (R2043- Recurrent and D-2043- Development).



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