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The Labour Relations ( Amendment) Bill, No.22 of 2024
The Advocates ( Amendment) Bill, No.21 of 2024
The County Wards ( Equitable Development) Bill, No.20 of 2024
The County Governments Additional Allocation Bill, No.19 of 2024
The Division of Revenue Bill, 2024
The Labour Migration Management Bill, 2024
The Fisheries Management and Development Bill, 2024
The Constitution of Kenya ( Amendment) Bill, 2024
The Statute Law ( Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, 2024
The Elections Offences ( Amend) BILL, No.9 of 2024.
The Statutory Instruments ( Amendment) BILL, No.10 of 2024
The County Assemblies Pensions Scheme BILL, No.14 of 2024.
The Elections ( Amend) BILL, No.11 of 2024.
The Intergovernmental Relations ( Amend ) BILL,No.12 of 2024.
The Political Parties BILL, No.13 of 2024.
The County Government Election Laws ( Amend ) Bill, No.2 of 2024
The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Bill, No.1 of 2024
The Digital Literacy Opportunities Bill, No.8 of 2024
The Central Bank of Kenya ( Amendments) Bill, No.6 of 2024
Affordable Housing Bill, 2023.
The National Rating Bill 2022.
The Wildlife Conservation and Management ( Amendment) Bill, No.49 of 2023
The E-Health Bill, No. 32 of 2023
The Equalisation Fund Appropriation Bill, No. 30 of 2023
The Labour Migration Management Bill, No. 33 of 2023