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Hon. Kimunya roots for co-sponsorship of Bills to mitigate Sibling Rivalry between the two Houses

The Leader of the Majority Party in the National Assembly, Hon.(Dr)Amos Kimunya has proposed that Parliamentary Houses should explore the idea of co-sponsorship of Bill's as a means to negating sibling that has characterised the bicameral Parliament for the last seven years since its inception.

Speaking during the opening session of the 3rd National Assembly Retreat at Ole Sereni hotel, Nairobi, Hon. Kimunya underscored the fact that Parliament is collectively vested with the legislative authority which is derived from the people of Kenya.

National Assembly Committees challenged to regularly monitor spending by government agencies to enhance prudent use of public resources

The Chairpersons of Committees have been challenged to regularly monitor disbursements and spending by Ministries to ensure there is value for money, thus ward off graft.

Speaking during the final day of the National Assembly Leadership Retreat at Ole Sereni Hotel Nairobi, the Chairperson of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, Hon. Kanini Kega  observed that regular reports from line ministries and government agencies on how they are spending monies disbursed to them would help avert corruption and ensure prudent use of public resources.

House Leadership Retreats to take stock and consider avenues for continuity of House Business amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

The Third Leadership Retreat for the National Assembly kicked off Tuesday morning at Ole Sereni Hotel , Nairobi with issues to do with the implementation of the Constitution whose promulgation hits the 10th anniversary this week, and the exploration of innovative avenues for continuity of House business, both in plenary and in Committees amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, taking the centre stage of the forum's deliberations.

Speaker Muturi hosts CAF; pledges House support towards quest for the enhancement of County Assemblies’ Autonomy

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon.Justin Muturi has pledged the support of the National Assembly towards enhancing the autonomy of the County Assemblies through legislation.

Speaking when he met the leadership of the County Assemblies' Forum (CAF)led by the Chair, Hon. Wahome Ndegwa, Speaker Muturi underscored the role of independence of County Assemblies in the promotion of their effectiveness in oversighting the County Governments,and in ultimately strengthening devolution in Kenya.