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The Justice and Legal Affairs Committee led by the Chairperson Hon. George Murugara (Tharaka) vetted Ms. Caroline Nzilani and Hon. Isaac Rutto for appointment as members of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Hon. Rutto told the Committee that if he gets successful in being appointed, he will ensure that there is fairness in the administration of justice. "My job is basically to represent the public, and to bring their concerns to the Commission not to the Magistrates", said Hon. Rutto.

On a question on how he plans to help decongest the prisons, Hon. Rutto pointed out that one of the ways would be to embrace the alternative methods that include arbitration as long as it does not contradict the written law.

The Committee also vetted Ms. Caroline Nzilani. Members wanted to know how Ms. Nzilani would handle the issue of the backlog of cases in the Judiciary if

In her response, Ms. Nzilani said she will help champion the alternative dispute resolution mechanism through reconciliation and negotiations. In addition, she said she will use her expertise to enhance performance management by ensuring that every judicial officer sets goals that are achievable. 

Further, the nominee emphasized the need to digitize court cases and amplify the use of virtual sittings to help move services closer to the people and reduce the high number of people in courtrooms.

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