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Speaker Muturi Elected to the Helm of CPA, Africa Region.

Speaker Muturi Elected to the Helm of CPA, Africa Region.


Speaker Muturi Elected to the Helm of CPA, Africa Region.

In a what was a great moment of Pride for Kenya, and in a session marked with ecstasy, the National Assembly Speaker, Hon. Justin Muturi, was this evening unanimously endorsed, following his election as the Chairperson, the Executive Committee of the foremost Continental Parliamentary forum, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Africa Region.

The endorsement which was overseen by Hon. Gladys Kokorwe, the Speaker of the Parliament of Botswana, was held during the association's Annual General Meeting, at Grand Palm Resort, Gaborone, Botswana.

His nomination for the position was proposed by the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Zambia, Hon. Catherine Namugala, who in a glowing tribute put up an impeachable case on the suitability of Speaker Muturi. She further acknowledged his passion in the advancing the Africa Parliamentary Agenda, and his role in championing for the change of Status of the Commomwealth Parliamentary Association from a Charity to an international Organisation as a Member of the Committee. " Speaker Muturi is a man of immense experience and repute, in Parliamentary matters", she noted.

As if reading from the same script, shortly after her proposal nominating him, which was accompanied by a befitting standing ovation for Speaker Muturi, Hon. Kabiru Mijinyowa, Speaker of Adamawa Region in Nigeria took to the podium to second the nomination.

He echoed her sentiments, adding that Speaker Muturi's Commitment to the CPA was incredible.

Taking to the podium, to make his acceptance address, a visibly elated Speaker Muturi acknowledged that his election to the position by his colleague legislators was indeed an honour bestowed upon him. He assured the delegates of his utmost commitment and dedication towards serving them, undertaking to continue to advance the region's agenda within the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association fraternity. " I am just a first among equals", he submitted.

Speaker Muturi lauded his predecessor, South Africa's Hon. Lindiwe Miseko for her utmost dedication in serving the Association. Hon. Lindiwe exits the helm of the association on a high, having served the CPA in various capacities since 1996.

The forum also saw the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Michael Sialai elected to the position of the Vice- Chairperson of the Steering Committee of the Society of Clerks at -the -Table, (SOCCAT) an association of Staff of Assemblies within the CPA. He will deputise the Clerk of the Parliament of Zambia, Mrs. Cecilia Mbewe.

The conference which has been running for the last 10 days, and whose theme centred on Regional Security , and how it relates to Food Security, Climate Change among other issues, had its curtains drawn today.