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Embrace Modern  Technologies to Become Food Secure- MPs Urged

Embrace Modern Technologies to Become Food Secure- MPs Urged

The Executive Director, World Food Program (WFP), Governor David Beasley, has urged legislators in African countries to enact critical legislative policies and encourage their citizenty to embrace modern agricultural technology in order to enhance food security in the Continent. 

Speaking during a side meeting, when he met the Kenyan delegation to the 67th National Prayer Breakfast held yesterday at the Hilton Washington, Mr. Beasly decried the fact that the program has to ironically purchase food elsewhere yet it is meant for distribution in Africa. " Africa has a huge potential for high agricultural productivity, but due to lack of  employment of modern agricultural technology and lack of policies that support the sector, we are forced to buy food in Europe to distribute it in Africa", he noted.

The World Food Program which operates under the auspices of the United Nations, has been supporting food production programs as well as offering food aid to majorly war torn and poor countries in Africa for decades. This new insight means that if Africa embraced modern irrigation technology and agricultural sector reforms, the continent would not only become food sufficient, but it would also create huge economic development for the region.

Mr.Beasly further observed that these reforms should not be confined to the national level, but rather should be cascaded down to the rural areas.

Present during the meeting was West Pokot Senator and the co-chair of the National Prayer Breakfast, Sen. Samuel Poghisio, his co-chair in the Kenyan Chapter of the National Prayer Breakfast, and Chair, Committee on National Security, Hon. Paul Koinange, Baringo Senator, Hon. Gideon Moi, Nominated Senator, Rose Nyamunga, Masinga MP, Hon. Joshua Mbithi and County Assemblies Forum Chair, Hon. Johnson Osoi.

Earlier on yesterday, the delegation had attended the 67th National Prayer Breakfast graced by US President, Donald Trump. The event's Guest Speaker Mr. Gary Haugen who is the  CEO International Justice Mission, challenged delegates many of them politicians to do good for their people for with doing so, they would be creating a better world for their constituents.

Later, the Kenyan delegation led by the National Assembly Speaker, Hon. Justin Muturi was treated to a tour of the US  Legislature; Capitol Hill before attending a loucheon held in their honour by Senator John Boozman at the Senate.

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