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Senate Speaker Ethuro Assumes Office as Sitting President of FP-ICGLR

Speaker of the Senate, Hon. Sen. Ekwee Ethuro was Thursday evening appointed as Sitting President of the Forum of Parliaments of Member States of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (FP-ICGLR).


Right Honorable Pie Ntavyohanyuma ­– the Outgoing President of FP-ICGLR and President (Speaker) of the National Assembly of Burundi – handed over the mantle to Ekwee Ethuro who was appointed through consensus by Member States’ parliaments as President-elect during the 4th Ordinary Session of the FP-ICGLR held in 2013 in Bujumbura.


“I take this opportunity to congratulate the Right Honorable Ekwee Ethuro, Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Kenya as he takes up the leadership of this forum. I am confident that he will steer us toward our ambitious goals,” Ntavyohanyuma stated.


He also lauded The Government of Kenya and particularly the Senate for hosting the fifth Ordinary Session and the hospitality extended.


During his one year term, Ethuro’s overall duty shall be the management of the Forum and shall be the political and diplomatic representative of the Forum. As President he will also be expected to chair the Plenary Assembly of the FP-ICGLR which is the Supreme Organ of the Forum.


The Plenary Assembly has the authority to deliberate on all matters relating to the powers and duties of the Forum.


“I am greatly humbled by the honour of being elected the President of the PF-ICGLR at this Fifth Ordinary Session of the Plenary Assembly of the Forum of Parliaments of Member States of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (PF-ICGR),” said Ethuro as he delivered his acceptance speech.


“It is such a great honour for me as a person, the Parliament of the Republic of Kenya and indeed our beloved country, Kenya.”


While acknowledging that spearheading the forum isn’t a light responsibility, he promised member states to undertake his new responsibilities with the commitment and dedication it deserves.


The responsibility bestowed upon Ethuro comes at a time when the region is faced with a myriad of challenges related to security and youth unemployment.


During the Plenary Assembly, the delegates took time to strongly condemn acts of terrorism in the Great Lakes Region in general and in particular those committed by the terrorist group Al Shabaab in the Republic of Kenya. 


The Assembly was cognizant that the terror group has caused enormous loss of life and property and expressed deep sympathy to the victims and their families, the people and the Kenyan Government.


As President of the FP-ICGLR he took time to congratulate the Parliament of the Republic of Angola which was admitted as a full member of the FP-ICGLR.


“I come to the helm of FP-ICGLR when the membership has expanded. In this respect, I take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome on board the Parliament of Angola which has been admitted to membership of the FP-ICGLR at this Forum held in Nairobi.”


Kenyan delegates who attended the forum included Senators: Beatrice Elachi (Majority Whip), Beth Mugo (Nominated), Mike Sonko Mbuvi (Nairobi), Peter Mositet (Kajiado), Prof. John Lonyangopuo (West Pokot), Zipporah Kittony (Nominated), Naisula Lesuuda (Nominated), Dr Agnes Zani (Nominated).


The FP-ICGLR is an inter-parliamentary organization bringing together 12 African Parliaments in the Great Lakes Region consisting of Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.


The FP-ICGLR is committed to bringing a significant parliamentary contribution to the implementation of the Pact on Stability, Security and Development in the Great Lakes region that was adopted by Member States in 2006 in Nairobi, Kenya.


From 2010 and 2013 The FP-ICGLR had held four Ordinary Sessions of the Plenary Assembly, respectively, in Khartoum, Kampala, Kinshasa and Bujumbura.


The fifth forum of the FP-ICGLR was hosted by the Senate of Kenya from 20th to 22nd January, 2015.

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