Speaker Lusaka Calls for Objective Oversight in County Assemblies

NAIVASHA, 4th May 2018 – The Speaker of the Senate, Rt Hon Kenneth Lusaka today called on County Assemblies to be firm and objective in their oversight role.

Speaking during a one-day consultative meeting with Speakers of County Assemblies in Naivasha, Speaker Lusaka noted that County Assemblies are the primary point of call in matters oversight and therefore should play a central role in stamping out corruption.

“Only this morning (Friday), I witnessed President Uhuru Kenyatta signing into law the Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2018,” said Speaker Lusaka.

“These supplementary resources will trickle down to counties and must be well accounted for. As you go back to the counties, let the people there know that there shall be zero-tolerance to corruption going forward.”

Through the Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2018, President Kenyatta allowed an expenditure of Sh 87 billion for various services for the financial year ending June 30, 2018.

These services include the development of the blue economy, policing, population management, correctional and devolution services in addition to accelerated development in ASAL regions.

Agriculture, health and housing have been apportioned the highest amount, complimenting the government’s Big Four Agenda.

County Assembly Forum (CAF) Chairperson, Hon Johnson Osoi, lauded the Senate for midwifing the process that birthed the Financial Autonomy of County Assemblies.

“County Assemblies were appendages of the County Executives but thanks to the Senate, we now have autonomy that allows us to carry out our roles independently – particularly oversight,” said Osoi.

Hon Osoi, who is also the Speaker of Kajiado County Assembly, however urged the Senate to legislate and strengthen CAF by anchoring it in law.

“A recognized body that brings together 47 County Assemblies cannot be emphasized. It shall be the rail upon which all our activities will be run effectively,” explained Hon Osoi.

The Naivasha meeting, that was attended by 23 County Assembly Speakers, is a culmination of informal meetings at the sidelines of the 5th Annual Devolution Conference among the Senate Speaker, Nairobi County Assembly Speaker, Hon Beatrice Elachi and Kakamega Assembly Speaker Hon. Buluma Indakwa.

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