Walk the Talk on Humanitarian Support, Ethuro tells Developed Nations

DHAKA, Bangladesh - 3 April, 2017. Global action on the drought and famine situation received a major boost yesterday when a proposal for Emergency Motion on Urgent international action to save millions of people from famine and drought in parts of Africa and Yemen was adopted for debate at the Assembly of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) currently taking place in Dhaka, Bangladesh that brings together about 700 legislators from 132 countries.

The motion sponsored by Kenya, Belgium and United Kingdom was backed by The Africa Group and the 12 Plus Group that bring together about 40 countries – majority from Europe.

The motion garnered 932 votes in favour, 136 against and 50 abstentions; effectively flooring two other proposed motions that were sponsored by Palestine and Mexico. According to IPU rules, only one Emergency Motion can be adopted and debated per Assembly.
While pitching for the adoption of the motion yesterday, the Speaker decried the slow response by the global community in addressing the humanitarian situation in Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Uganda. Some 12.8 million people in these countries are facing a real threat of starvation due to drought and famine.

He noted that the situation in East Africa and the Horn of Africa poses a serious threat to human dignity, regional peace, security and stability.
Speaker Ethuro argued that the developed countries should be at the forefront in terms of offering humanitarian support to the developing nations facing drought and famine since they emit largest amounts of greenhouse gases resultant to climate change.
"The responsibilities of industrialized nations are brought into focus: they should mitigate climate change and support vulnerable countries to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change, especially food security," said Ethuro.
While appreciating the efforts of the United Nations, he urged the intergovernmental organization and the developed nations to commit necessary resources to provide humanitarian support and nutritional relief to critically affected areas in the Horn of Africa, as well as long-term development assistance.

The Senate Speaker however criticized them for offering lip service while having made commitments toward offering humanitarian support during the Parliamentary Forum at the 2nd High Level Meeting of the Global aPartnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPECD) held in Kenya in November 2016 and the Regional Seminar on the Sustainable Development Goals for the Parliaments of Sub-Saharan Africa held in Uganda in March this year.

Other members of Kenya's delegation participating in IPU Committees include: Hon David Pkosing, Hon Susan Musyoka, Hon Jude Njomo, Hon Michael Onyura and Hon Leonard Sang.


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