Directorate of Committee Services


“To become the preferred service reference point of the Senate in facilitating the discharge of its mandate”


“To serve diligently and offer professional advice to Senators as they discharge their roles and responsibilities in the service of the counties and their governments”


The mandate of the Directorate of Committees Services of the Senate is to provide administrative services to various types of committees. It also facilitates various types of Senate committees to discharge their mandates. The specific roles and functions of the Directorate of Committees include:

  1. 1.Enhancing/Supporting Senator’s core functions (Legislation, Oversight and Representation) over the Counties and their governments;
  2. 2.Planning and organizing meetings and inspection visits for receipt of evidence by committees investigating issues of public interest and oversight of the executive arms;
  3. 3.Keeping safe custody of records;- Minutes, Reports, Correspondence,
  4. 4.Provision of technical support and procedural advice to committee chairs and members in accordance with the Constitution, Acts of Parliament or Standing Orders, traditions, practices and precedents;
  5. 5.Providing/Serving as the institutional memory of the institution/committees;
  6. 6.Liaising closely with other Parliamentary services and Technical Departments (Speaker’s Office, Legislative and Procedural, Legal, Research, Hansard and Budget) for provision of analysis and well researched information that facilitate quality debate and deeper interrogation of issues and hence informed decision making;
  7. 7.Facilitating public access and participation in accordance with articles 37, 118 and 119,
  8. 8.Providing procedural research and analyses in respect to maintaining the proper balance between the Executive and the Legislature; to enhance the principle of separation of powers;
  9. 9.Providing conference support to members and staff, both locally and abroad.


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The Clerk
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