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The National Assembly to hold a Post-Election Seminar for all Members in March, 2018

The National Assembly in conjunction with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, (CPA) will be holding a three (3) day Post Election Seminar for the Members of the National Assembly under the theme “Sharing our experiences to enhance good governance and continually safeguard the welfare of the nation”. This seminar which is the 2nd of its kind since the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, is expected to provide a platform for Members to deal and interact with matters of parliamentary practice and procedure which they might not otherwise have been d

National Assembly Speaker Meets Committee Chairs

The National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has challenged House C​ommittee chairs to offer transformational leadership, and to develop a good grasp of their mandates and that of the Committees that they lead.  

While noting that it is normal for Committee members not to agree on all matters, he implored upon the Chairs to resolve any conflicts that might arise, and to embrace consensus when their respective committees are making recommendations to the House on any matter.



The Hansard Association of Kenya wishes to thank the following for their continued support towards the realization of the dream which was conceived early in 2014; namely,

1. The Senate Board of Management (SBoM) headed by the Clerk of the Senate and Secretary to the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC); Mr. Jeremiah Nyegenye, CBS, for their continued support to Hansard staff working in Kenyan legislatures.

2. The Hansard Editor of the Senate, Ms. Gladys Ndeda