The Parliamentary Research Services


The Parliamentary Research Services (PRS) was established in 2003 as a specialized, non-partisan, and professional department of the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC). It currently operates under the Parliamentary Joint Services to provide research support in policy research and analysis to both National Assembly and the Senate.

The establishment of PRS was motivated by the inability of Members to access immediate, concise, synthesized and objective information to facilitate legislative decision making and overall Parliament constitutional mandate. Its conception and present existence has created a formidable confluence for access to research information from diverse knowledge sources. This research outputs are made available to House Committees and Members to enhance research evidence use in policy and legislative decision making

Vision, Mision and Core Values

Our Vision:
"To be an excellent resource of credible non-partisan research information for Parliament"

Our Mission:
"To assemble, analyze, and package information that adds value and enhances evidence informed legislation and policy decision-making in the legislature"

Our Core Values

  • Client-focused
  • Integrity and Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality and Objectivity
  • Quality and Timeliness
  • Teamwork


Strategic Direction

The strategic direction for the PRS is to transform into a rapid response platform for synthesized and accurate information for Parliament and Members so as to facilitate the link between research evidence, policy, and legislation. In addition, the PRS existence ensures that Members of Parliament have at their disposal timely and relevant research information to carry out their constitutional responsibilities effectively.

The strategic direction of the PRS is anchored on the PSC Strategic Plan 2008-2018 (Strategic Issue 1: Objective 3 – To strengthen the Parliamentary Research Services) and aims to:-

1. Institutionalize and strengthen research capacity in Parliament.

2. Formalize and strengthen the role of researchers in value addition of parliamentarians' engagement in parliamentary discourse.
3. Forge and maintain strong networks with research and policy analysis institutions at national, regional and international levels.

4. Entrench and build institutional capacity in the use of research evidence to inform legislative decision making, outcomes and processes.

Roles and Functions

The range and scope of research services offered is designed to assist in linking the research and policy analysis more closely to the legislative agenda of Parliament. These roles and functions are summarized as follows:-

  1. To generate and disseminate research information to enhance parliaments core functions - law making, oversight and representation.
  2. To provide researched analytical information and facts to the Legislature that contributes to enhanced constitutional principle of separation of power.
  3. To provide research services and support to Parliamentarians, House Committees, and Parliamentary Office holders, that facilitates effective performance of their constitutional responsibilities.
  4. To support the provision of information needs of Members and Parliament through a range of research services and products.
  5. To carry out comparative research on parliamentary practice and procedure, evolution, growth and contemporary aspects of Parliament.
  6. To assemble sector data and information to build a credible data bank for timely response to Parliament's information needs.
  7. To undertake legislative research and public policy analysis to generate evidence and policy briefs for informed decision making.
  8. To forge and maintain mutually beneficial networks and linkages with research and policy analysis institutions at national, regional and international levels.
  9. To initiate anticipatory research and contribute to publications on contemporary and topical issues relevant to the work of the legislature.



  • PRS Bronchure 2015
  • PRS e-Bulletin 2014


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