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Parliament set to hold its Second National Conference of Sergeant-At-Arms

The Parliament of Kenya is scheduled to hold its annual national conference of Sergeant-At-Arms from  May 1st - 6th, 2019 in Nakuru County.

This 2nd conference will bring together Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA) drawn from the Senate, the National Assembly, County Assemblies and from the Central and East African region to deliberate on the priorities and pertinent issues in the evolving role of the SAA.

Further, the three day conference will provide a forum for the participants to continually institute mutually beneficial partnerships by sharing best practices, information and knowledge, build capacity of its members and promote better service delivery and capacity building within legislatures.

The proposed theme of the Conference is, “The Centrality of Sergeant-at-Arms in Enhancing Service Delivery in a Legislature”

The theme will be divided into the following sub-themes: -

  1. Security threats in legislatures
  2. Capacity building of Serjeant-At-Arms within legislatures
  3. Building bridges between the Sergeant-At-Arms and the public, i.e. Media and Public Communications, petitions among others

Consequently, the conference is also intended to provide a forum for enhancing the gains made during the first conference which was held in 2015; some of which are-

  •   Development and operationalisation of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Sergeant-at-Arms;
  •   Response to terrorism threats; a practical and interactive experiences;
  •   Crisis management and business continuity; practical scenarios and experiences;
  •   Legislatures and Parliaments; Services and Security lessons of 2017;
  •   Formation of Sergeant-at-Arms regional representatives for fast tracking and increased dissemination of information;
  •   Initiating capacity building strategies and professionalization of Sergeant-at-Arms

The need to have a 2nd National conference for Sergeant-At-Arms arose from the necessity to bring officers who serve in SAA at the National and County level improve performance within their mandates, interact with County Assembly and International SAA officers for benchmarking and share experiences in order to have common working standards.

In addition, this conference will offer a strategic platform of collaboration with security agencies for seamless operations on matters security, protocol VIP handling, health and safety included.

Sergeant-at-Arms are responsible for maintaining order and security in the chamber and making sure that parliamentary estates and security systems meet the demands of a 21st century legislature. Sergeants-at-arms are also responsible for ensuring the day to-day operations of the legislature run smoothly; maintaining order and providing a safe legislative environment.

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